Business Practice


Alon Saposhnik, Law Office, is a law firm aimed to support the economic growth of new and existing businesses.  

Our law firm specializes on commercial and corporate law and on the execution of domestic and cross border transactions.

The firm provides practical advice and assistance and involved in all aspects of business relations both domestic and international and works closely with foreign companies, investors, entrepreneurs and experts.

We provide practical legal advice on issues such as:

  • Forming new business operations and relationships.
  • Transactions and business arrangements.
  • Licensing, development and manufacturing contracts.
  • Regulatory advice and compliance with local obligations.
  • Distribution, agency and franchise.
  • Representing foreign entities in all types of disputes with Israeli counterparts. 
  • Negotiation and dealing with local authorities.
  • Executing domestic and cross border transactions including M&A transactions.
  • Real estate investment.
  • Dissolving of entities
  • Data protection and privacy regulations.
  • Advising on the law governing the legal entities.

We have particular experience in a number of industry sectors: High-Tech (e.g., software, data security, cloud vendors, satellite communications etc.), consumer products, agriculture, healthcare, banking and real estate.

Throughout the years, our practice gained unique capabilities and experience in advising foreign corporations and private clients from Germany on investments in Israeli companies, on regulatory and compliance and on establishing license agreements and partnerships arrangements with Israeli partners. Our unique capabilities enable us to provide our German clients who seek to structure a presence in Israel with an excellent service that is specifically designed to meet their needs, interests and goals.

Our vision

We aspire to bring value to the business of our clients. We strongly believe that providing high quality legal services are essential for the economic growth of the business, whether it's new or existing business. Therefore, we aim to offer creative, efficient and pragmatic advice based on our legal expertise, experience and economic understanding of the client needs. In areas outside of our expertise, we use our national and international network consisting of specialized lawyers with focus on other fields of law and from other jurisdictions.


The firm was founded by Alon Saposhnik, an internationally educated lawyer with economic background. Alon is holding master's degree in business and law from two of Germany's leading private universities, the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management and Bucerius Law School, LL.B from a well-known Israeli private law school and admitted to practice in Israel.

Having lived and worked in both Hamburg, Berlin and Tel Aviv, Alon has developed a unique skillset helping foreign companies and private business people understand and navigate the legal and business complexities of doing business in Israel and Europe.


Our office is located north to Tel Aviv, in the city of Herzliya, near the Herzliya Industrial Zone, a home to many of Israel's leading hi-tech companies and foreign R&D centers. The popularity of the location draws companies from other spheres, including furniture, vehicles, banking, and more.

Expertise in Practice

  • Advised a German company on the activity of its subsidiary in Israel.
  • Advised a foreign entity on a transaction to sale all its holdings in an Israeli company.
  • Advised an Israeli manufacturing company on setting up subsidiary operations in Germany.
  • Advised an Israeli software company on issues concerning the processing of employees data under Israeli privacy law and under EU/GDPR law.
  • Advised an Israeli software company on the sales of technology to an Israeli subsidiary of a U.S. based pharmaceutical company.
  • Advised and Israeli fast food restaurants chain on the establishment of a franchise chain in Germany.
  • Advised Israeli founders on setting up a tech start up in Berlin.
  • Advised an Israeli IT company on a dealership arrangement for the promotion and resale of software products in Germany.
  • Advised a U.S. based distributer on its dispute against a German manufacturer over a post-termination payment.
  • Advised a foreign entity on certain issues concerning securing a loan for the purpose of financing a purchase of a real estate in Israel.
  • Advised foreign appointed executors of a will on the execution of the will and the sale of real estate owned by the estate under Israeli inheritance law and regulations.
  • Advised a software company over a negotiation with the ministry of health of the state of Israel about a project for the development of software to be used by government owned hospitals.
  • Advised a leading Israeli consumer electronic products company on the drafting of various distribution contracts with European consumer electronics manufacturers.
  • Provided a large Israeli consumer electronic goods wholesaler advice on various advertisements and product labelling issues for their electronic goods.