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Corporate law and cross border transactions. The law firm provides legal entities services in the field of corporate law. In addition, our law firm advises companies and entrepreneurs on their day-to-day legal requirements. Additionally, we advise Corporate law, Contracts and Agreements Law, Employment Law and Cross border Investment, including, offering legal support and advice to cross border transactions with foreign entities and to M&A deals.

Our law firm regularly advises on: The formation of legal entities in Israel and abroad and on the preparation of founders agreement; drafting of commercial contracts such as agency, distribution and franchising contracts; drafting  of technology contracts such as software licensing contracts, drafting of independent contractors for provision of services (e.g., development, marketing, management, technical support etc.) and drafting of terms and conditions for online websites, platforms and mobile apps; drafting of selling and purchase of shares contracts; preparation of legal due diligence reports;  establishment of joint ventures; lease of commercial property agreements.

Data Base and Privacy Regulations. Our law firm provides practical legal advice on all aspects of data bases and privacy laws in Israel and in the European Union member states. We advise clients  on how to ensure that their activity is in compliance with the privacy legislation in Israel and in the European Union jurisdictions; Specific privacy services we provide include: registration of data base at the local authority; drafting of agreements with third parties and data processors in Israel and abroad; drafting of privacy policy for online activity; advice on implementation of privacy in digital products before or after the product development phase; advice on healthcare privacy regulations; HR data privacy regulations; marketing activity and anti-spam laws;


Real Estate Investment by Foreign Investors in Israel: The firm provides comprehensive and thorough legal services to private investors looking to buy or sell a real estate in Israel. The services include preliminary examinations for leased commercial properties and residential properties, representation in buying or selling of real estate transactions, including assistance in obtaining local bank financing and routine management company. The firm also provides advice and representation in voluntary disclosure procedures in Israel for private clients.